Hello world,

I am a writer and the Head of Marketing and Publicity for Joyland Magazine.

1. On August 14, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., I will launch Miss Misery, a web series about polyamory, at The Royal Theatre in Toronto. Much more info about the series is here. Tickets for the Aug 14 screening can be purchased here. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram.

A few other things I’ve written:

2. I wrote a book of short stories called The Jokes. More on that here. The stories are short and strange.

3. I wrote a short story about being an artist called “The Life You Want” that people often like. More of my fiction can be found here.

4. I wrote an essay about lonely men called “The Legion Lonely” that was 2017’s most popular Hazliit essay and was widely shared, including by Rebecca Solnit, who quoted from it at length on Facebook. More of my essays can be found here.

5. I wrote a funny thing for McSweeney’s that became part of a sketch on Saturday Night Live. The funny thing is here. The SNL sketch is here. More of my shorter pieces, funny and not funny, are here.

I also write copy for all kinds of organizations, which I really enjoy doing. Contact me for my rates, which are reasonable.

Finally, this page compiles what journalists, or people temporarily acting as such, have said about me, and this page has contact info and a short bio.