These are the stories I’m most proud of:

The Life You Want in The Fanzine:

Everyone can handle sex sober now, though people still like weed. No one is surprised to be asked out and hardly anyone is cruel or volatile. Every single person your age has had absolutely every weird edge smoothed off their personality. 

A Secret in Bad Nudes

And he realized he’d never really been in a “fight” in a relationship, and what’s more is that he liked fighting in his relationship with Cindy, and so did Cindy; they were both good at it, and they both got a lot out of them, the fights, and so they did it every day.

Intensely Nervous People Can Be Boring, Too in The Puritan:

He’s never been expressive and today is no exception. He greets her awkwardly. A part of her thinks this means he has integrity. 

A New Place in The Puritan:

He was leaning forward and I could see the bumps of his vertebrae through his T-shirt. He was looking at his hands, which were folded in his lap. You know how there are like three actual people in the world.

And here are others:

The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave The Park in The Puritan:

“Do you want to make plans now?” Jacob said, in the kitchen, his shirt buttoned up and tucked into his pants, all ready for work. Relationships are about making plans together for the future. 

Everyone I Know in Joyland:

I’ll be thirty in six weeks, I’m still in Toronto, I’ve been working in restaurants since I was twenty-two and thought I would have moved to Europe by now, thought I was gonna move to New York, had this scholarship, I stayed for my boyfriend, thought we were gonna get married, have kids, he knew I wanted that from like the first year we were going out.

After the Trip in Little Brother 4:

Jonah cupped Ling’s belly in his hand. It was perfect. It was round, full. He knew he would never have a baby with anyone else. He would never find this again. If he was going to have a child in his lifetime, it would be with Ling. He’d never felt so sure about anything, he said, or so happy.

"Brownstone", by Renata Adler, 1972 (Winner of the 1972 O. Henry Award) in Little Brother 3:

The Laura Linney character, who is your mother when she was younger, just after she had you, is a genius. She can say whatever she wants at any time, in the company of titans, scions, bank clerks, and her mother.

Sun, Miles Away in Hobart

Look at you; here, do this one up but leave the other down a little—yes, you’ll make em lose it, Michael; you’ll make em sing for you.

Why Do Guys Look At Porn? in Wigleaf:

Free of the didactic horseshit and the pressures of being around other people, his mood lifts and his mind is relaxed enough to form new associations between the information in the books he's read and the data he's receiving from his senses. 

Please Help Me in Hart House Review 2011

Sexual Solutions, Sexual Problems in Seneca Review 45/2:

i’m a virgin, i’m a short woman, i’m a fat boy, i’m a normal person in san francisco, is there anyone like me

The First Stage of Our Loss Paralysis Mitigation Program in Canadian Art (Winter 2017):

Large-scale Events are on the rise, and if you haven’t lost a Friend already, you should expect to. If you’ve already lost a Friend, you should expect to lose more. 

Two Pinecones in Koffler.Digital:

“What if we moved to the Junction and we bought a stained glass chicken lamp in an antique store with the money from our marketing jobs and we liked it, we fucking loved life.”

Beaten and Fucked in The Gargoyle

Steal beg and borrow and get nowhere and no tomorrows and drive on burning wheels down a suicide road but fucking don’t, fucking don’t kill yourself, fucking instead of driving into the lake, reload and fire into the blue water, walk back to your car, through the wet grass, in your boots, stepping on your long laces, and sit behind the wheel and cry.

The Path to Matrimony in Slash Pine 2014 Writers Festival Anthology

The Program Era in Liver of Dixie anthology

Inside, a story in Little Brother's Rob Ford zine Everything is Fine excerpted in NOW Magazine and The Atlantic's Citylab blog

The Kid in Darling 3

The Diviners, by Margaret Laurence, 1967 in Incongruous Quarterly

Buds in Incongruous Quarterly

My Dad Said I Should Keep In Touch With People in The Varsity

WAYN in The Varsity